A history of ambitious, local, family owned & community based Winnipeg entrepreneurship.

The power of self-determination attracted to the will; the quality of being independent of fate or necessity.

Release from physical obstruction, restraint, or entanglement.

A place where something flourishes, is most typically found, or from which it originates.

Freedhome is a real estate development company emanating from deep roots in the Winnipeg community. We draw on more than four generations of local business expertise to create modern, distinctive developments for our city.

Our growing portfolio includes forward-thinking urban communities and unique single-family residences that blend a respect for tradition with an attentiveness to modern needs. Wherever we build, Freedhome’s focus is investing in mature communities, providing the catalyst for renewed growth and revitalization. Whether that’s with sidewalk-focused infill development in historic neighbourhoods or new homes for growing families, we’re proud to be adding to Winnipeg’s bright future.

Freedhome is actively involved in every facet of the development process. Our team brings decades of experience in site selection and strategic acquisition, planning and entitlements, team selection and design, construction management, finance, sales and marketing, and legal structuring.
We’re challenging the status quo with landmark communities that elevate the urban landscape, creating meticulously crafted properties designed to be community nodes for both residents and neighbours. It’s a vision for holistic city building consisting of built space that live and breathe alongside the people that inhabit them.

Throughout, we’re pursuing a philosophy of attainable luxury, with the goal of making quality urban homes accessible to everyone. Join us as we establish new spaces for living, growing and thriving in Winnipeg.